Our Story

Ingrassia Design provides full-service interior design for the hospitality industry. Established in 1995, we combine a passion for innovation with the acumen of experience to bring to life new ideas in restaurants, casinos, nightclubs, and hotels.

What Makes Us Different

We believe strongly in the role hospitality environments can play in providing escape for consumers. We also understand how hard it is to succeed in this environment. What distinguishes our approach is a unique ability to express the authenticity of a concept - ensuring an original experience that consumers won't easily find anywhere else. We work closely with our clients to uncover the keystone to a concept - the core aesthetic from which we build a unified whole. Every piece is in concert.

How We Work

 At Ingrassia design, we value personal relationships. This means that we work in an integrated fashion with our clients and partners from concept development through completion. Our belief in relationships enriches a design philosophy that sources heavy from a roster of independent artists and craftspeople. Our passion for finding new talent keeps our designs fresh and ensures that no two projects are alike.